About Us

Wade and Sammie Boone own Boone Enterprises the parent company that also owns The Picnic Experts and Mobile Gemstone Mining. Wade opened Boone Enterprises in 1973 doing

Fun foods and moving into catering after managing some full service and fast food restaurants.

Mobile gemstone Mining is the newest division of Boone Enterprises Inc. preceded by The Picnic Experts is the tri-state areas leading Entertainment Company and party outfitter. We are a full service event planning company, in our field we are a direct source for interactive entertainment, mechanical rides, inflatable’s, and carnival games. We have a superb reputation of providing quality products services to non-commercial and commercial organizations throughout the tri-state area. Our unwavering dedication to personal service, creativity, competitive prices, enormous selection, and professionalism makes us the #1 choice among event and party planners to provide fun. Satisfying our customers is always our top goal, which is why we look forward to every event. Behind all of our equipment you’ll find safety and quality which is our #1 concern. Our equipment is approved, inspected, and registered for safety and quality by The North Carolina Department of Labor, Elevator and Amusement Division.

We constantly strive to improve in everything we do, by these values; we provide state of the art equipment to all of our customers. Through our 40 years of experience in this growing industry, The Picnic Experts and Boone Enterprises enjoys, maintaining wonderful business relationships among all of our customers.

In December of 2011 while cleaning out one of our warehouses I uncovered our portable
Gemstone Mining Sluice that we used at Company Picnics some years ago. I had to get a team together to find all the parts and put it back together. I went back to my office and called the company that I had purchased the Sluice from and to my surprise they were still in business, but they now referred to the sluice as part of their “Earth Science Program.” When I spoke with my salesperson she informed me of how popular and diversified the Earth  Science Program had become, and is written into the curriculum K-12 in the North Carolina Schools. Unfortunately with the budget restraints, and security many of the school classes cannot afford the buses, fuel, a full day out of the classroom for the teacher and the additional personnel to take the students on the Gem Mining Field Trips.

With our “Mobile Sluice Unit” we could mount it in an Enclosed Trailer that would accommodate
an entire class at one time, rain or shine, hot or cold and take the program to the schools.
Mobile Gemstone Mining was born. With our experience in the entertainment industry the
Development of the Gem Mining Program, Fossil Dig, and the Geode Cracking Station, while
Challenging, the transition was relatively easy for us even though we are still learning and developing.

One of the new issues that we wanted to be sure to address in the very beginning was handicapped
and disabled children, our enclosed trailer can accommodate any wheel chair bound child.

We are a member of the Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber of Commerce.

2442 W. Clemmonsville Road
Suite C
Winston Salem, NC 27127

Email us at: info@mobilegemstonemining.com