Educational Programs

Gemstone and fossil mining is a fun filled activity for all ages. Students will take home precious keepsakes to remind them of their treasure hunting experience. We take great care to ensure that each bag of Mining Rough is enriched with a satisfying variety of large specimens, and with over 50 different gemstone varieties in our mixes, no two bags are ever alike.

We have a number of educational programs with a host of options to enable us to provide you and your students a unique, fun, and educational experience they will not soon forget. Regardless if you have one hundred or two thousand students, we can create a program to fit your specific needs.


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Our Program

Give us a call or send an email to schedule your event with your date, times and location.

You are not under any obligation.

We will check the date and times with our schedule to check for any scheduling conflicts.

Once the date is confirmed we will need to determine the number of students to participate, we never charge the teachers or staff.

We will arrive at your school approximately one hour before we are scheduled to begin our program. We will need to meet with you or a school representative, to affirm the set up location.

We will need a relatively level spot for our trailer, so that we can set up. Generally speaking most schools prefer we set up where the buses pick up and discharge the students; it is usually level and provides cover from rain for the students.

Our event will go on rain or shine; the students will be inside of our enclosed trailer commonly referred to as “the Mine”.

Power is required for our circulating pumps and lights. We will require 300 gallons of water for our sluices, tanks and circulating pumps. We will bring our own hoses and water keys.

Once we have the water and power taken care of, we will begin leveling the mine and finish setting up, we have certain safety issues that we have to address prior to any students entering the Mine.

Safety is our main concern. The surfaces in our mine are covered with Trex a PVC composite decking, a soft splinter free board made of plastic resin. Our screen bottom boxes are made of the same material. Our flooring is made of diamond rubber to keep anyone from slipping.  All electrical outlets are ground fault receptacles. Other safety measures are designed into the Mine.

Our event supervisor will keep the school contact informed when he/she is ready for the first class.

The Geodes will be collected back up and one or two will be selected to be cracked, in our Plexiglas enclosed custom made Geode Cracker, to prove the contents of the Geode. Portions of the just cracked Geode will be given to the students to add to their gemstone and fossil finds.

If the class is larger than 25 students the class will be split. One group will go the Fossil Dig and the others will enter the mine to sluice for gemstones.

Geode Cracking Station

14″ to 24″ Geodes will be on display at the Geode Cracking Station for your guests or students to hold and examine.

A brief Geode presentation will be made to discuss the Geodes and the crystal formations found inside. The children will select a couple of Geodes for Our staff to place in our Plexiglas enclosed custom made Geode Cracking Station, to prove the contents of the Geode. Portions of the just cracked Geode will be given to the students to add to their gemstone and fossil finds.


Fossil Dig

We will have large containers set up full of fossils, the students will dig through the fossils to find the ones they want to identify and keep. (Sharks teeth are the most popular.)


The students will enter the Mine with our staff’s directions. Each station in the Mine will have a bucket of Educational Mine Rough, a resealable bag to put and keep their finds and a screen bottom box. The students will be instructed on the use of the screen bottom box that is resting on the shoulders of the sluice out of the water; they will pour the contents from their Mine Rough Bucket into the screen bottom box; turn the screen bottom box sideways as shown by staff which will allow the screen bottom box to fit between the shoulders of the sluice and lower the screen bottom box into the running water to wash away the sand and dirt to expose the gemstones, minerals, rocks, arrowheads. When the students are finished washing their finds they will raise the screen bottom box out of the water turn back the other way and the screen bottom box will rest on the shoulders of the sluice out of the water while the students retrieve their finds. Identification of their finds will be simplified with the use of the charts located on the walls of the mine, their trifold color brochure or with help from our staff.

Once all questions have been answered the two groups will change places and the students that were at the fossil dig will have their opportunity to use the sluice and the students that were at the sluice will move to the fossil dig. All of the gemstones, minerals, rocks, arrowheads that the students find will go home with them.

We will need about 15 minutes to set up the Educational Mine Rough for the next class.

We look forward to seeing you next time!