Field Trips

Schools are challenged with the task of teaching Earth Science to our students according to the NC State Standards, however with so many budget cuts in education they are again challenged with how we pay for the buses, drivers, fuel, prepared lunches, etc. Until now activities and opportunities we plan to provide, simply were not available locally and would have required the need to travel long distances. While the time and cost of travel may not be a problem for some, we feel that far too many students are not given the opportunity to experience gemstone mining. Mobile Gemstone Mining will bring a fully self contained mine to your school for an awesome in house field trip. We will take less than an hour to work with the students of an entire class.

Each student will be given a bucket of Educational Mine Rough to sift through a screen bottom box in the sluice, when the water washes away the sand they will be amazed by the brilliant colors and shapes of the gemstones and minerals left behind. Each student will be given a trifold color identification chart that lists the different Minerals, Gemstones, and fossils. A resealable plastic bag will be provided for each student to take their finds back to the classroom and eventually home to show the family.

The search for treasures in the gemstones is an experience your students will not soon forget!